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The TSR’s archives – Exposition Cappiello in Fribourg (Switzerland) in October 1962. (Bear in mind that the story on the exhibition only starts after the fourth minute of the recording).

A series of 5 clips titled: ‘La mémoire imprimée. Un siècle d’affiches en Belgique‘ was produced by Olivier Hottois, with the interviews of: Marie-Laurence Bernard, Pierre Baudson, Gilles Fiszman, Daniel Dratwa, Henri Gutman, explaining a century of poster creation in Belgium with key figures such as: Jules Chéret, Mucha, Adolphe Crespin, Livat-Privemont, Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri Cassiers, Théo Van Rysselberghe, Leonetto Cappiello, Cassandre, Savignac, Léo Marfurt, Julian Key, Magritte, … and many others. Clip n°3 introduces Cappiello’s work in the history of poster art and particularly Belgian poster art (La mémoire imprimée_Un siècle d’affiches en Belgique_extrait 03.wmv – YouTube).

In 1987, Paul-Henri Bourrelier presents the exhibition which he organized on La Revue Blanche and Le Cri de Paris in a series of clipsClip n°3 focuses on the beginning of Cappiello’s career in Paris.

Posters and photos of Leonetto Cappiello. (We will point out that the Cognac Jacquet and Sauvion’s Brandy posters are not by Cappiello).

Posters, a poster sketche and a caricature. (We will point out that the ‘Moulin Rouge, Bal – La Goulue’ poster is not by Cappiello. We hope that the author of this slideshow will correct the spelling of Cappiello’s name).

Photos of Cappiello and posters.

Presentation of a part of the posters offered for sale at Swann Galleries in New-York on the 6th of August 2008. (Cappiello’s posters can be seen after 3.25 minutes of recording).

Online museums

Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF): Bibliothèque Numérique Gallica: Caricatures, posters, bibliography

Musée du Louvre (Paris): Inventaire du Département Arts Graphiques: Caricatures, studies for caricatures, poster sketches 

Musée d’Orsay (Paris): Poster sketches, caricatures, statuette

Les Arts Décoratifs – Musée de la Publicité (Decorative Arts – Museum of Publicity) (Paris): Posters, biography, bibliography,

Musée Carnavalet (Paris): Les Folies-BergèreYvette Guilbert’s statuette

Musée de l’Absinthe (Absinthe Museum) (Auvers sur Oise – France): Absinthe Ducros

Museo Fattori (Livourne – Italie): Two portraits

Museum für Gestaltung (Zürich) : Posters

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (Barcelone) : Posters

Victoria & Albert Museum (Londres): Posters

MoMA (New-York): Polaire in “Le P’tit Jeune Homme”, Bitter Campari, FrigorAmandines de Provence

Los Angeles County Museum of Art – LACMA (Los Angeles): Chocolat Klaus

National Gallery of Australia (Canberra): Le Thermogène, Maurin Quina, Nitrolian, Corset Le Furet, Fernet Branca, Becuwe

Other museums in possession of Cappiello’s works

Bibliothèque Forney (Paris): Posters, albums, books on Cappiello

Musée des Beaux-Arts (Lyon): Poster sketches

Centre National de l’Histoire de l’Immigration (Paris): Posters

Musée Départemental de l’Oise (Beauvais – France): Furniture

Museo Nazionale Collezione Salce (Treviso – Italy): Collection of Salce’s posters.

Works collections

Catalog raisonné of Cappiello’s posters, Catalog in progress, it already contains more than 1500 works. Many pieces from French museums: posters, caricatures,  sketches, studies

Blog on vintage posters

Vintage Poster Blog

Mounting a poster on a canvas

Chocolat Klaus: Dismounting from canvas, Remounting on canvas,

Maurin Quina: Linen backing

Specialised auctioneers

Bloombury Auctions in London and New-York

Bolaffi (Italie)

Christie’s in London and New-York

International Poster Center in New-York

Swann Auction Galleries in New-York

 Collector’s websites

Metallic advertising signs: enamel signs

Website of French-speaking collectors: Kollectoo

International vintage poster dealers association : Ivpda

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